Gastro-Getaway in Montreal, QC

Sometimes you just need to save money in a little envelope, pack the car, drive seven hours to the best food city in Canada, and eat until you no longer fit into your clothes. If you like to eat, chances … Continue reading

The Big Island, by far the biggest surprise.

On my first day back to work after a whirlwind sixteen day adventure exploring three of the Hawaiian Islands, one of my co-workers asked me what surprised me the most while I was there. First of all, this was a … Continue reading

Hawaii on a Budget – Ways to Save! Also, some cool things to see and do too.

Okay so first thing is first… YES Hawaii is an expensive place, there is no denying it BUT if I can make it happen then so can you. I think it was probably the day that Adam and I met … Continue reading

Onterrible? I think not.

Is Ontario terrible? No. Am I terrible for ever falling into the ignorant “I hate Ontario so I am going to go along with my friends and call it Onterrible too” trap? A little, yes. Honestly, when you travel frequently … Continue reading

Tobermory; Ontario’s Hidden Gem

I can’t decide if the title of this post is true or not. A few months ago when Nick asked me what I wanted to do for my twenty-fifth birthday, I told him I wanted to go to Tobermory, Ontario. … Continue reading

Favourite Blogs

Below are some of my favourite blogs, written by incredible humans who have inspired so many decisions in my life. Please take a moment to check some, if not ALL of them out.

1.This Battered Suitcase– Brenna Holeman @

Brenna… where do I even begin? I don’t think I have ever personally connected with Brenna… or maybe I have because as I write this it feels like maybe she did email me once regarding saving for travel but whatever. This blog… this blog, I don’t even know what to say or how to describe it. The name says it all… when I first heard the name I was like, “GENIUS, this girl is a literary genius and nothing I ever think of will ever be as good”. I think I spent a solid three days reading through all of her stories and blog posts, staying up late to the point where it feels like my eyes needed to be held open with sticks.

Brennan shares personal experiences and stories from the road. One story I read was about a romance she has experienced somewhere in Central America and she actually brought tears to my eyes. Brenna also provides unlimited amounts of advice for travel, which makes sense considering she has been to almost every country. Truthfully, I cannot describe her writing style or her blog to you… it’s kind of like taking a picture of something so beautiful (Machu Picchu for example) that you can never truly capture it’s eloquence through a lens. You have to go check it out for yourself, and trust me… you’ll thank me.

2. Stop Having A Boring Life– Rob Lloyd @

Stop Having A Boring Life or SHABL as Rob likes to hashtag on Instagram (one time I had to ask what SHABL stood for… how embarrassing)… is an awesome blog. I feel like I can somewhat relate to Rob since we are both Canadian and from Ontario, which really isn’t a reason to necessarily relate to someone but you know what I mean.

This was the very first travel blog I had ever read. I connected with Rob randomly on Twitter when I first began my blogging journey and we quickly became Facebook and Instagram friends (oh the world of social media). I had started The Lovely Nomad on a crappy website (that I had to pay money for, ew), which I can’t even remember now, and it was Rob who guided me to WordPress and really helped me get started. I just really appreciate all of his advice and help, even though he has a million followers he still makes time to connect with his fans and acknowledge them. Lets just say if I ever got the opportunity to meet Rob in person it would be like meeting an A-list celeb for me.

3. Litte Grey Box – Phoebe Lee @

I feel like I could almost have the same brain as Phoebe @ Little Grey Box… when I read her posts all I can say is, “yep”, “get out of my head”, and “why is everything she says exactly what I need to hear all the time”. If not the same brain, then we could easily be best friends. I also recently reached out to Phoebe via email with a bunch of questions about her journey and any advice she may have for someone like me and she was more than willing to share everything she could… and she got back to me within an hour (this rarely happens with some people).

I had been following Phoebe on Little Grey Box for quite some time, probably since around the time she first joined. I distinctly remember the moment she posted that she had quit her job to pursue her travel blogging career and it has always resonated with me. Phoebe is honest, funny, and extremely relatable in her writing. If you want genuine personal advice as well as knowledgeable travel advice you should really visit her blog and get lost in it!