Belated: Killarney Provincial Park

So there I was… early October, the late afternoon sun beaming down on my half naked body, sitting on a rock in the middle of Killarney Provincial Park. Fall colours were bursting from the trees; still, crystal clear water was glimmering back at me… it didn’t feel real. It is rare for me to sit and enjoy a moment completely, with no care about the past or worry of the future but this was one of those moments where I did just that. This moment was special. I was thinking about what one of my friends said to me recently, “Amie, this is the first time I have ever seen you content with your life, you enjoy your jobs, you’re in love, you’re so happy.” She was right and it was all I could think about in that moment on that rock by the water. All I could feel was peace because for the first time in my life I was and am genuinely happy and I did’t have to worry about anything where I was. A lot has changed over the last almost year, which is why I haven’t been blogging. I quit my office job, ended a relationship that was making me unhappy, and started working two jobs that I am currently enjoying but are keeping me very busy. Oh and I met the most amazing guy in the world, Adam. We spent an epic five days in one of the most beautiful places in Ontario so of course I feel compelled and inspired to blog about it… finally some inspiration… even though I am a few months delayed.

A few months ago, Adam and I decided we were going to embark on a little canoe trip and the perfect time would be October since the leaves would be right on schedule. Reds, oranges, yellows… the most beautiful time of the year in Canada at my fingertips. I didn’t know what to expect but I can now officially say that Killarney was successful in stealing my heart. Every time I turned my head I was in awe at my surroundings. White rock cliff faces, a lone pine tree reaching out over the water, gorgeous dead wood that looked like it was frozen in time sticking out of the water waiting to be photographed as we passed by in our canoe. I cannot even count how many times I stopped paddling and said, “Look, over there… look how beautiful that is.” Four nights and five days of surreal beauty, it was a natural therapy for both of us having worked so much over the summer. The trip itself was hard work; paddling, portaging, packing, unpacking, collecting fire wood, starting fires, cooking, doing dishes, scaring off racoons and doing it all over again every single day but was it worth it? Hell yes! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

All I really have to say about Killarney Provincial Park is that if you haven’t been, you definitely need to go… like yesterday, seriously. Killarney is like Algonquin on crack… the bluest of blue water and endless canoeing and hiking. Please see all photos below, which are going to be the remainder of this blog. This is a place you need to go see for yourself and we took a million photos even though we know they can’t do it justice.

















See what I mean? You’re welcome.


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