Dreamin’ of my Dream Job: Woods Canada

If someone asked you what your dream job is… what would you say? If money didn’t matter, what would you do with your life right now? These are questions that I have been continuously asking myself for the last few weeks since Woods Canada announced that they were hiring two “Woods Canada Explorers” and advertising it everywhere as the “Woods Canada Dream Job” and I mean… it really is a dream job.

Woods Canada wants to pay two people $20,000 to hike, swim, and paddle across Canada along the Trans Canada Trail. The explorer’s job is to represent their brand through blogging, photography, and videos while they make their way across Canada using Woods Canada gear. The explorers receive $300.00 a week in spending money and a $2000 bonus upon completion of the five month journey. The journey runs from May to September 2015.

So naturally, the second I saw this I FREAKED out. I love camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. I have experience in travel. I went to school for Geography. I have experience in blogging. I am not a professional photographer but I take some pretty damn good photos. I know almost everything there is to know about social media. AND since you get to apply with a partner… Nick has extensive outdoor experience from growing up in a house that always went camping to his last ten years in the army. He has done some crazy outdoor activities with the army like an outdoor mountain operations course and a winter warfare course. He has slept in the snow in the middle of winter and had to build his own shelter. He knows absolutely everything about outdoors gear. He went to school for visual arts and his an extremely creative and talented artist.

Needless to say, Nick and I make the most perfect team for something like this. OF COURSE WE APPLIED. The application process was to make a 60 second video to show Woods Canada why they should pick you. It also involved uploading resumes, including photos, and a little write up on why they should choose you. We spent a full week stressing out about this whole process and making everything perfect. We learned how to use iMovie and we took all of our old footage and used it to make a video. We lost that same video… we don’t know how but somehow it was deleted. We ended up having to spend another whole day creating another one but it was really fun learning how to make it anyways and now we are both iMovie experts.

I have been waiting to blog about Woods Canada to be honest… Nick and I have never wanted something so much in our lives. I didn’t want to share our application video with the world before the deadline. I didn’t want to advertise the job obviously to avoid more competition. We are both trying to be positive and talk like we are going to be the future Woods Canada explorers BUT we are also trying to be realistic and just tell ourselves we tried our absolute hardest and they are probably going to receive thousands of applications so we should just be proud of ourselves no matter what happens.

I don’t know what will end up happening but all I do know is that this job would change both of our lives. This job would give us both the opportunity to do what we love and get paid for it. It would be a once in a lifetime experience and open so many doors in the future. My fingers are crossed.

This whole process has also taught me a few things about what I really want to do… I am a lot more passionate about the outdoors and Canada than I realized and even if we don’t get this opportunity, I think we will still attempt to do something like it on our own. I think a dream job can become a real job if you let it. You just have to follow your passion and do what you love.


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