… planning is all part of the adventure

So it’s official… I will be heading to Southeast Asia in January 2015 and be backpacking until April 2015. I have been dreaming of doing this exact trip for a few years now and I am finally going for it. I know you’re probably thinking why the hell is she blogging about it now or planning it so far in advance BUT… this means I have exactly 8 months to save about $10,000. I haven’t blogged in a while… because I haven’t been anywhere in what seems like forever. My boyfriend Nick asked me if I have been blogging lately and I said no… then he proceeded to say “you should be blogging about all of the planning we have been doing for Asia, it’s all part of the trip” (maybe those weren’t his exact words but that is pretty much it). So, I decided to take his advice… this post (and future posts) are meant to keep me on track with saving, keep me organized, and keep me inspired.

Saving Money (the hardest part)…

  • Nick and I both have a goal of saving $10,000 by January 2nd (our goal departure date)… so we decided to make it a competition. The loser has to pay for one night at a super nice hotel somewhere in Southeast Asia when we are sick and tired of spending time in hostels. The best part is that one night in a nice hotel somewhere in Southeast Asia is still pretty cheap compared to what we would spend at home.
  • I bought a whiteboard and some colourful dry-erase markers for record my savings as well as keep track of what I owe on my student loan.
  • I have an old water cooler jug in my bedroom where I am saving all of my loose change… my goal is to use my change to pay for my flight (well maybe half of my flight…).
  • I have banned myself from shopping… I am not allowed to buy any new clothing or accessories or anything for the entire summer.
  • Packing lunches… instead of going to work and buying lunch or dinner there, I am bringing my own food and probably saving my waistline too.
Savings board

Savings board

Budgeting for Extra Expenses

  • Travel insurance
  • Travel accessories (I just bought the most beautiful backpack… $300 later)
  • Car payments/insurance while I am away for four months
  • Travel shots/malaria pills (if needed)
  • Emergency money
My beautiful new backpack

My beautiful new backpack

Countries to Visit

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • The Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
Map of Southeast Asia

Map of Southeast Asia

Things To Do…

  • Get scuba certified
  • Volunteer in Thailand
  • Spend one week at Rayavadee in Thailand
  • Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand
  • Spend a few days at Freedomland in Phu Quoc, Vietnam
  • ANDDDDD SO MUCH MORE… but we are still researching everything.


… that’s all i’ve got so far but thankfully I have 8 months to figure out a lot more.



4 thoughts on “… planning is all part of the adventure

  1. I love that you’re posting about your pre-trip planning! I just got back from a seven-month journey through Southeast Asia and I started saving about a year ahead of time. So don’t feel weird about planning so far in advance ;) I managed to save about $8,000 during that year, so your goals are totally achievable! I did the same thing — no clothes shopping, cook meals at home, etc. I put all of the money I would have spent on knickknacks into a “trip jar” and I used that money to buy a one-way ticket to Bangkok! I have traveled extensively through all the countries on your list (excluding Singapore). Feel free to ask me any questions!! Also, you might want to think of adding Laos to that list. It’s an amazing country!

  2. Hope you have a great time. Will be a great experience! I hope you can fit in Myanmar instead of maybe Malaysia or the Philippines. I don’t think you should do both of those, just one will do as they are quite similar in what they offer the traveller. Yet the experience you will have in Myanmar is quite breath-taking and unlike anything else on your travels. Good luck!

  3. Hey! I’m from Germany!

    That sounds nice! :-) I’m really looking foward to your stories. Do you travel alone? Thailand is also on my travel list. I hope it works out soon.

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