… but tomorrow is a new day

So… Back in October one of my best friends Justine and I decided we would take a road trip to Moline, Illinois for a country concert and figured we may as well hit up Chicago on the way since that only makes sense (and it has been on my bucket list forever).

Honestly, all the real planning we did took place back in October when we booked our hotels, bought our concert tickets, and bought our Blackhawks tickets, after that we really planned nothing other than the fact that we were leaving at the aggressive hour of 5am on Wednesday, January 15th (yup, a road trip in the dead of winter).

As it turns out, I ended up having to work pretty late the night before we left and therefore only got about three hours of sleep, which resulted in my eyes burning all day and my friend Justine being a champion and driving the entire distance from Grimsby to Chicago, which was a total of eight hours (she was also dead tired).

Our motto for the entire day upon our arrival in Chicago was “tomorrow is a new day”… why? because…
– The hotel lost our reservation that we booked two and a half months ago and they said that never happens
– They ‘upgraded’ us… to the worst hotel room of my life (worst view out the window, a shower that hisses and has zero pressure, extremely loud unknown noises all the time)
– It is way too cold to walk anywhere so we have been taking cabs and I accidentally tipped a cab driver $8 on a $7 cab ride (rookie)
– I almost left my shopping bag in the cab at one point and Justine accidentally left all her money and passport in her car in the sketchy parking garage (thank goodness we have each other)
– We didn’t plan well at all and neither of us have internet on our iPhones when we are out so we can’t search where we want to go… so we leave it in the hands of the cab drivers
– We ate lunch at the hotel restaurant called “The Thai Spoon”, which was easily the worst ‘Thai’ food I have ever had and the chicken made Justine instantly nauseous

… I know, I know… first world problems right? I shouldn’t be complaining… I am on a five day break from work in an amazing city with one of my best friends, okay… I will stop now. I think everything sucks when you’re the most tired person in the world though.

The good parts?

Chicago is definitely BEAUTIFUL. The architecture is amazing and the waterfront is gorgeous, I definitely need to come back in the summer.

I found a few unreal stores that I have never heard of with all of the most boho/hippie stuff I could ever want (may have swiped the visa a few times).

After trying some famous Chicago deep dish pizza (yes I gave up being a vegan, just this one time) at Pizanos on State St. (recommended by more than one person back home), we went into a grocery store and I found out you can buy your very own pepper spray (mind blowing that it’s legal in America), so yes… I bought some.

Pizanos on State St.

Pizanos on State St.

We made it

We made it

Only in America

Only in America

We didn’t know where to go or how long we could survive with our tiredness level but one of our cab drivers took us to a really cool bar/pub called Public House on State St. and we loved it. It was full of classy business people who clearly needed a drink after work so it was really busy. We decided to make dinner reservations for tonight (Thursday) at 8pm because the food looked divine and it was a really cool atmosphere).

Public House - Our attempt at drinking on zero hours of sleep

Public House – Our attempt at drinking on zero hours of sleep

We decided to call it a night pretty early because we were both half asleep after one drink at 8pm last night. What’s on the agenda for today? PLANNING… We are going to properly plan our day so we see/do everything we want, which includes some museums and Millennium Park. We don’t want to end up having to take fifty cabs all over because we don’t have a clue where we are going or what we are doing.

I also promise that there will be no more first world complaining… it actually ended up being a really hilarious day and the beds at the dumpy Travel Lodge were pretty comfy in the end… maybe anything is comfortable when you’re as tired as we were.


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