Getting Creative with a Sarong while Traveling

20 Ways to use a Sarong when Traveling

You see them everywhere when you’re traveling, especially when you’re near the beach. They’re all sorts of wild colours, some take after a country’s flag (I own a Brazilian one), some have beautiful designs, but they’re all useful in the same ways… lots of ways. Yes, I am talking about sarongs. They cost next to nothing but can end up being one of the most useful things you travel with.

Rocking my favourite sarong as a dress in Thailand

Rocking my favourite sarong as a dress in Thailand

I have experimented with many of the following ideas and refuse to travel anywhere without my trusty elephant decorated sarong from Thailand… a dollar has gone a long way.

1. As a beach cover-up over your bathing suit (what they’re meant for).
2. As a dress.
3. As a skirt.
4. As a scarf (whether you’re cold or looking to become more fashionable).
5. As a towel (at the beach or when bathing).
6. As a pillow (anywhere).
7. As a blanket (on a plane, in a hostel, anywhere).
8. As a makeshift pillow case over a dirty hostel pillow.
9. As a makeshift bed sheet over a dirty hostel mattress.
10. As a makeshift bag to carry things (throwing belongings in the middle).
11. As a ‘wall’ divider (hanging over your hostel bunk for privacy or changing in public).
12. You could wrap your valuables in it when traveling so they don’t break.
13.  As a butt cushion if you’re sitting somewhere uncomfortable or dirty.
14. As a tablecloth.
15. As a picnic blanket.
16. When visiting a temple or sacred place, a sarong can come in handy as a shoulder cover.
17. Sunny out? Use a sarong as a headscarf (also good if you’re in a country where women are required to wear head covers).
18. Is it still sunny out? Hang your sarong in a tree or wherever you are to make shade.
19. If you were ever in an emergency you could use it to apply pressure on a wound.
20. Hell, people have even said they have used a sarong to sling their babies to their bodies for transportation (thankfully I don’t have that kind of baggage).


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